Darya the Photographer My name is Darya. I am Wedding, Family & Newborn
photographer based in Las Vegas.  I am also a mom
to four wonderful, charming, beautiful children.
Adam is 16,
Gia is 8, Meadow is 2
and our
latest addition is Winter Rose.

My passion for photography began with the birth
of my eldest daughter.

I simply wanted to take photos of this tiny little baby.

When I got my first DSLR camera, it was on.
I taught my self, I took classes, I spent countless hours
learning Photoshop, and photographing everything.
Kids, family, flowers, birds, the moon, pets, landscapes.

Seven years later after accepting awards, winning photography
competitions and being published, I am constantly pursuing
the idea to better myself to take my photography a step further.

I am truly blessed to do what I love.
The joyful smile of a bride on her Wedding day.
The beautiful blossoming belly of a mommy-to-be.
The sweetness of a newborn just a few days old.
The giggle of a sweet child. The very first laugh of a baby.
A proud mother's tears on her son's Graduation day.
These are special moments, that I am blessed to be able
 to capture and make them into art, so they can be
 cherished for generations.

My Kids
My Kids




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